Hi. Meet Nucleus

Your digital life in one button.

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to create another username or password ever again? And what if you could buy or sign up for anything online, just by showing your face?

One-click login and payment. Instant user verification. Easy compliance. Say hello to Nucleus.

Tame your digital identity.

Proving your identity online can be time-consuming and repetitive. And it’s hard to control who has access to your sensitive data.

Nucleus puts you back in the driving seat.

It brings together all your most important data – like your name, age, address and payment details – in one safe place.

And it lets you control what you share and who you share it with. Wherever you see the Nucleus button.

Break free from logins and passwords.

There’s a time and place for usernames and passwords. It’s called the distant past.

Because they’re hard to remember. Easy to hack. And let’s face it – in the 2020s, there has to be a better way.

Introducing Nucleus. The button that helps you do what you want online. Faster.

Get one universal login for everything. Pay with one click, wherever you see the Nucleus button. And verify your identity quickly and securely, using just your face.

Feel safe and confident online.

Your online security matters more than ever. That’s why Nucleus protects you, your digital identity and payment details at every step.

We use reliable bank-to-bank payments to keep your money safe and sound. Each and every time you buy.

And we use ultra-secure biometric verification instead of passwords. So nobody but you can use or modify your account.>

Try It yourself.