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Frictionless payments. Seamless user verification. Effortless compliance.
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What Is

A single solution for age, identity and KYC verification, payments and login.

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User verification
you can trust

Sell regulated products and grant access to restricted content safely. Nucleus uses a range of authentication tools to meet even the strictest compliance standards. From age verification to full KYC, AML and affordability.

Frictionless payment
that pays

Give your customers what they want – faster. And pay lower fees compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards and PayPal, using reliable bank-to-bank transfers.

So long, logins
and passwords

One tap of the Nucleus button and boom – you’ve got a new customer. No account set-ups. No passwords. And not a time-wasting form in sight.

Join a growing network of businesses using Nucleus to transform the online experience.

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Sell More. Pay Less. Comply Better.

Turn more browsers into buyers

Nucleus takes the faff and friction out of online payments. So you get fewer abandoned carts and more paying customers.

Kiss commission goodbye

Sick of credit-card charges and PayPal fees? Nucleus uses bank-to-bank payments to help you keep more of every sale.

Keep the regulators happy

Enjoy peace of mind with Nucleus’s ultra-secure biometric verification. No matter how strict your compliance requirements.

The Ultimate

Full identity and shared data control

Give your customers one central hub for their digital lives. Nucleus brings an end to endless new accounts, usernames and passwords.

From checkout to delivery in one click

Fast-track your buyers from checkout to check this out. Nucleus keeps verified address and identity data in one place. So when someone’s ready to buy, they just tap the Nucleus button, confirm with their face – and get on with their day.

Safe, secure and self-assured

Nucleus uses secure biometric verification to protect your customers’ most sensitive data. So whatever they need online, they can get it with total confidence.

One Button.
A World Of Benefits.

single sign-on

The days of creating new accounts
and passwords are over.


For identity, address, age, affordability,
fraud and anti-money laundering.

Seamless checkout
and payment

Tap, verify, go.


We streamline online transactions, maximise customer conversion, and remove the friction from payments

Make The Internet A Better Place

Make the internet a better, safer place. Join us to help boost:


Give your online customers the
control and security they seek.


Create the slickest experience
your users have ever had.


Your digital self in one place –
and in a single click? The future
of online living is here.