Remove friction, reduce drop-offs and streamline the customer experience. All with our real-time verification checks.

Know they are who they
say they are

Nucleus uses biometrics to verify your customers’ age and identity in an instant. So you always know who you’re dealing with. And your KYC and AML requirements are effortlessly met.

Thorough, efficient and effective

Nucleus combines the latest biometric technology with a network of premium global data sources. So you get the in-depth, accurate customer authentication you need. And your customers fly through the checkout faster.

Work with what you’ve got

Nucleus integrates seamlessly with your business and its existing processes. Which means you can set up and start verifying in no time flat.

Nucleus lets new and returning customers sign up, log in & verify using just their face.

Click. Smile. Go.

If someone already has a Nucleus account, they can sign into your site in one click – using just their face. Like a social login with added security. No more digging up lost usernames or changing forgotten passwords.

Take logging in
to the next level

Crank the experience up a notch by combining Nucleus Login with Nucleus Payment and/or Nucleus Verified.

Anyone signing into your site with Nucleus is then instantly verified and free to make seamless bank-to-bank payments

No Nucleus account?
No problem

Customers without a Nucleus account can create one in less than 30 seconds. Biometrically secured and free from passwords forever.

Payment and

Keep more money from each and every sale. And save your customers time while protecting their privacy. Here’s how Nucleus helps you do it.

Smooth, simple, secure user

Paying with Nucleus is quick and easy. Your customers just tap the Nucleus Pay button, approve with their face or fingerprint, and everything goes through in one seamless transaction.

Low-fee payments
made easy

Nucleus lets your customers make seamless bank-to-bank payments. And because it uses the latest open banking technology, you pay far lower fees compared to other methods like credit cards and PayPal.

Repeat business
made easy

Once someone has paid with Nucleus, their payment details are safely stored. So the next time they return, they can buy from you fast and hassle free. No scrambling to find the credit card.