Sell More.
Pay Less.
Comply Better.

With password-free login, secure verification and seamless checkout, Nucleus will get your customers coming back for more. And more. And more.

Financial Insights & affordability.

Affordability checks powered by open-banking, confirming affordability in seconds and providing definitive financial insights.

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Cheaper, Faster Payments.

Improve your bottom line with cheaper and faster open banking payments… and no charge backs.

Nucleus makes buying a breeze. When someone’s ready to check out, they just tap the Nucleus button, verify with their face and they’re good to go. Less hassle for them. More sales for you.

Verify with nucleos

Free your users from logins and passwords.

Boost conversion rates with authenticated customer; address, identity and contact data, delivered in seconds.

With Nucleus, customers don’t need to create accounts to buy from you. And they don’t have to log in each time they return. They just tap the Nucleus button – and they’re away.

Verify with nucleos

Nucleus is simplicity to the core. And so is our pricing.


Unlimited sign ups, logins and verifications

  • Significantly below traditional methods of payment (2-4%)
  • Including Age, KYC/AML and affordability
  • Minimum £1 per active user per year
Get the Nucleus button in minutes

Use our plug-and-play integration to get Nucleus up and running in a flash. Or, for a more custom experience, use our API.

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