We’re here to make Nucleus the biometric core of the internet. One seamless experience at a time.

Behind Nucleus is a team of seasoned business and tech leaders. All with extensive insight into the online user experience. And all determined to shake it up for the better.

Meet the Team

Ryan Shaw

Ryan Shaw


The founder and strategic force behind Nucleus. A born entrepreneur, Ryan has a deep understanding of the needs of online merchants and consumers. And he brings infectious drive and positivity to all areas of the business.

Gabriel Verta

Gabriel Verta


A polyglot full-stack engineer with more than 10 years’ experience, Gabriel has led software development teams for the likes of Toyota, Honda and Ogilvy.

Ayrton Campbell

Ayrton Campbell


Ayrton has over a decade’s senior-level experience as a chartered accountant – most recently at the business consultancy Dragon Argent.

What We Stand For

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    At Nucleus, we dream big and strive to bring new, game-changing ideas to the digital world.

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    We’re responsible with our users’ private data. And we're committed to creating more secure and compliant user experiences for everyone.

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    Above all, we’re always about people. Because improving digital lives and livelihoods is what fires us up.

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